Search Tutor near you

Finding teachers and professors who are near to your home would be a hassle. Our geolocation technology helps students find tutors and teachers who reside near students house. 


Any Time Tutor

Every teacher & professor has the right to choose their timings to teach the students in need. Students can see the availability of the professors & tutors and updates in the app as well.


Choose your teacher

Hundreds of qualified tutors are available in your town or near your home, you can select any one of them, and you can book a class or even a private tutor who is flexible to teach from home.

Indian Syllabus

The app designed by Indians, who are fully aware of the subjects so that you can check for tutors for individual subjects or even full syllabus of students subjects in the app.


Chat with Teachers

The app has an inbuilt chat option, so students can text their tutors when they need tutors support. The in-built feature is an advanced version of messenger built for students.


Status Update

Students have more options in the app, which help them tell the tutors that some of the lessons haven’t completed yet. Students can update in their status about the progress.

Why people choose MyFlexiTutor App

Why people choose the myflexitutor App

 We give the ability to the students to find qualified teachers within a near distance of the students home. Every student will find at least few tutors within five-kilometre distance.

We eliminate the manual work to find Institutes & tutors that take days, while we offer chat option, students can check the updates of tutors, and more, so students can build their future.

The country has many courses to offer, so we have extended our database for wide-range of course so that students can find tutors in every field possible.

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