Our Company


The country is adapting to the technology that is connecting people worldwide, so we are using it to create a connection between teacher and the student, who are looking for quality of education & make India a better place. If the country education system is strong, then the country will grow economically at a tremendous rate.

Our Vision

India has the many gap holes in the education system, where getting the best quality education still a dream for the majority of the Indians because of the high fees and many educational institutes have turned it into a business.Our solution helps the young students find a qualified teacher near their location and get the quality of education for a lesser fee.

About US

The company has the only vision to eliminate the trouble to find a qualified teacher near students using the latest technology. In the past, it was a major problem because more than hundreds of tutors were around, but finding them was the real difficulty. 

The founders were students as well; they had a hard time finding the right teacher for their competitive courses, and the private institution's fee was crazy, while many tutors have spare time to teach, and tutors charge 70% less than private institutions, while there isn’t much difference in education quality.  

Our goal for tutors & teachers: We have seen many qualified tutors, and teachers struggle to find some students to their institutions or make good use of their spare time. 

Flexi Tutor Education is a reputed company started by the Indian entrepreneurs to make education easy for the young students and tutors to increase the quality of education & affordable.

The company is registered under the companies act in January 2017 to make the Indian education space 

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